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Tracy Saraduke, Evergreen Colorado Acupuncturist Tracy Saraduke is a nationally certified acupuncturist (NCCAOM) and is licensed in Colorado. She has a Masters of Acupuncture degree, and has been practicing acupuncture in Evergreen Colorado since 1995, where she has given over 25,000 treatments. Tracy graduated from The Worsley Institute of Classical Acupuncture, and has continued her post-graduate studies in Acupuncture and Meridian Therapy. Tracy uses acupuncture to treat a wide variety of conditions as well as for maintaining general health. "I am always looking for better ways to help my patients. Since acupuncture is often a last resort for people, I want to offer them the most effective methods available." This is why Tracy continues her training. Beyond Licentiate education, she has trained in structural acupuncture, Japanese Medical Acupuncture, Meridian Therapy, and Meridian Flexibility. Tracy also has over 400 hours training in Toyo Hari (a highly refined method of Japanese Acupuncture), with thousands of hours practicing this pain-free, non-insertion technique. Tracy holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing from Saint Louis University, and worked as an emergency room nurse for over 10 years.