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Toyohari - Japanese Acupuncture

Toyohari is a form of traditional East Asian medicine. It is a refined system of Japanese five phase meridian therapy. Toyohari is largely based on the practitioner's palpatory skills, ability to feel Ki (Qi), and specialized needle techniques (many of which are non-insertive). Its theoretical foundation is derived from the medical classics: Nei Jing, Su Wen, Ling Shu, and Nan Jing. Many practitioners of this style in Japan are blind and have developed extraordinary sensitivity to qi through this practice.

Because Toyohari is a holistic therapy, the aim of treatment is not as much focused on the relief of individual symptoms as it is focused on fortifying vital energy (Qi, chi, or ki) and rebuilding the physical constitution. Through this process, the individual symptoms are naturally relieved, along with blood pressure and body weight abnormalities, ailments due to aging, etc. Patients develop a smooth, bright overall complexion, and those who are often prone to illness build strong and healthy constitutions. In this way, patients find relief from a lot of day to day problems, and those who come in regularly for treatment can avoid common colds as well as serious diseases, and tend to lead long and healthy lives. For most treatments, silver or gold acupuncture needles are used, and are NOT inserted into the skin! The Qi is moved without stimulating the nervous system. Nervous system stimulation can sometimes interfere with removing Qi blockages. Since, the goal is to promote the healthy movement of Qi, we use the most effective technique to achieve it.

From an old East Asian medicine saying: "A foolish person gets caught up in the form, treating the disease that has already become manifest. A wise person is wary of ki-energy, treating the disease that is not yet manifest." In other words, waiting for the appearance of physical forms of disease before attempting treatment, they are way behind where they could be. On the other hand, a person can stay a step ahead of disease and thereby avoid getting sick by keeping healthy Qi flowing, supporting the body's natural immune system.

This is what makes Hari a powerful therapeutic system for both preventing disease and maintaining health. Additionally, sudden and dramatic conditions can be quickly treated, including emergency techniques for pain relief, alleviating fever, stopping coughs and diarrhea, etc.

Whether you are looking for relief from a serious illness, trying to avoid hospitals and surgery, or beset with a problem you just can't make heads or tails of, you can find relief through Hari.