COLORADO SERENITY – July 2004  (Women’s Health- MUNO)


Tracy Saraduke, RN, M.Ac. L.Ac.

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Evergreen, CO 80439

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Two years ago, I met with a group of gynecologists in a women’s clinic.  They said that the problems they hear of most are:  menopausal symptoms, fatigue, decreased libido, and weight gain.  The doctors also said they have difficulty solving these problems and, asked if I could find any good acupuncture solutions.

I have given this a lot of thought, study and practice, arriving at the following conclusion: meridian therapy (Japanese Acupuncture) offers a combination treatment that is a very effective solution to the above-mentioned women’s health issues.

In meridian therapy, there is usually a root treatment and a branch treatment.  A practitioner starts with close examination of the patient’s signs and symptoms. These indicate which of the basic body systems is at the “root” of disharmony at the time of treatment.  Next, we balance the whole system, restoring vitality with a root treatment using painless, touch needling.  Then, we do a branch treatment by targeting symptoms or complaints.  There is a specific branch treatment called Muno that works well for women’s health issues, by dispelling blocks to the flow of chi (vital energy).

Muno treatments address the common complaints of the lower half of the body.  The Muno area of treatment is the front and back of the pelvis.  Women with common complaints have a variety of indurations (hard spots) and deficiencies (soft spots) in the pelvic region.  When the practitioner carefully locates and works on these, circulation is restored to the lower abdomen and legs.

Muno was developed to remove the blocks to circulation in the pelvis.  These blockages can develop from scars, pregnancies, or muscular holding patterns.  As we age, these lumps solidify and form greater barriers to proper flow through the pelvis.  Pelvic congestion is a major contributor to female complaints.  Visualize a stream that fills up with silt, gradually decreasing the depth of the water until it is a shallow puddle then, finally becomes a swamp.  By reducing the lumps and bars, the flow can again irrigate the pelvic bowl and legs. 

Frequently, knee complaints are the result of pregnancies, heavy lifting, and abdominal surgeries.  A dropping of the belly restricts circulation to the legs.  With Muno, the girdle meridians are stimulated to pull the belly up into place and take the pressure off the inguinal area so circulation can again reach the knees.  Varicose veins are also improved as pressure is relieved and flow is restored, decreasing the pooling of blood and fluids in the legs.  Frequent urination and abdominal bloating is improved as the fluids flow out more easily.  Bowel function is improved with treatment over the ascending and descending colon areas.

In a short space it is impossible to list all of the ways Muno can affect the body or how acupuncture works.  At least you can get an idea of how Muno and acupuncture can improve these stubborn problems.