COLORADO SERENITY - June 2005 Rehabilitation

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East Meets West - Rehabilitation
by Tracy Saraduke, RN, BSN, MS, M.Ac., L.Ac.


There have been numerous studies reporting that acupuncture works for trauma recovery (injuries and surgeries alike).  If you have been injured, had a surgery, or are planning to have surgery, your rehabilitation can be easier.  Surgeons are prescribing acupuncture, and physical therapists are coordinating their treatments with acupuncture visits to speed their patient’s recovery.

When a problem is caused by injury, it is much easier to treat than if the problem developed slowly over time.  In a longstanding problem, the Chi (circulation) has been misdirected for a long time, requiring more time to correct. 

Surgery and injury traumatize the body.  Pain, poor sleep, nausea, reduction in appetite, and impaired mental functions are common in trauma cases.  I have seen both auto accident and surgery recovery patients with these symptoms who were very easy to treat.

Acupuncture diminishes pain and improves circulation.  Scars and bruises that get in the way of healing are also treated.  Rehabilitation cases are some of my most favorite to treat, especially since patients find the results to be so remarkable, where the recovery time can be considerably shorter.

When used both before and after surgery or after an injury, acupuncture speeds healing and reduces the need for drugs.  Before surgery, acupuncture helps by boosting your general health.  Since a healthy body is better able to handle the stress of surgery, this alone speeds healing.  Acupuncture activates the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and repair versus fight or flight), and increases production of white blood cells to fight infection.  This is particularly important because stress (life stresses, as well as trauma) can cause the sympathetic to overwhelm the parasympathetic system and inhibit healing.

Some people have a difficult time recovering from the effects of anesthesia.  An acupuncture treatment or two before surgery can tune up Liver and Kidney so the anesthesia is processed and eliminated from the body with less difficulty.  Used after surgery, acupuncture can help you recover from the effects of anesthesia, which can be worse than the surgery itself.

Many factors determine how quickly you will recover from surgery or an injury.  Acupuncture can have a profound impact on recovery factors, removing the barriers to healing, and helping to prevent or reduce the severity of conditions that develop over time.