COLORADO SERENITY – May 2004  (Trying to Relax? –Rosen Method)



Tracy Saraduke, RN, M.Ac. L.Ac.

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      Have you been trying to relax? See if you recognize any of these: “I sleep OK but I wake up with tight neck muscles.  Every time I think of X, my chest gets tight, making it hard to breathe.  We sat in the hot tub for an hour but my legs did not relax.  I took two muscle relaxants and my back is still tight as a drum.”  The most typical comment is “I’ve been trying to relax, but I just can’t.”

Muscles can do only two things: contract and relax.  When it’s time to let our muscles relax, we find that some muscles won’t.  Not everyone notices this tension, they can only feel the pain.


      Why relax?

      The AMA reports that hundreds of illnesses are stress related.  So, practicing stress management and learning how to relax are essential.

      Knowing the importance of relaxation is not enough to make it happen.  While experts have given us lists of things to do, some people have not yet discovered what works for them.  For myself, I found Rosen Method Bodywork.  It was developed specifically to relieve chronic muscle tension.


      What is Bodywork, and what is Rosen Method?

Bodywork is any technique using touch that also includes reaching unconscious muscle tension patterns by methods other than stroking or rubbing muscles.

Rosen Method Bodywork is a gentle, hands on technique that allows deep relaxation and increased self-awareness.

A Rosen practitioner slowly contacts underlying tension patterns without forceful manipulation, inviting a release of what is held in the body.  The result is lasting relaxation.


Marion Rosen, a physical therapist, developed Rosen Method during decades of practice.  At 89 years old, she still practices and teaches. Marion began teaching her style of bodywork over twenty years ago and, it has spread throughout the world.  There are now schools and practitioners in America, Europe, and Australia. 

Rosen Method Bodywork training is extensive, taking about four years to complete.  That’s one of the reasons there are only three Rosen practitioners in Colorado.  One, Lyman Hamblin, is in Evergreen. 


      Want to know more?

Email me for a free brochure on Rosen Method.  You can also find out more about Rosen at