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East Meets West - Meridian Flexibility/Stretching
by Tracy Saraduke, RN, BSN, MS, M.Ac., L.Ac.

Meridian Stretching and the Meridian Flexibility System®

The Olympian way to stretch and strengthen

Do you hate to stretch?  Most people do, because stiffness makes stretching unpleasant, and most of us are increasingly stiff.  Even if you stretch, are you getting the most bang for your buck when you stretch? 

I recently began a trainer certification program in Meridian Flexibility, where the East truly meets the West. (Meridians are the pathways of circulation throughout the body.  Meridian therapy is a style of acupuncture that balances the meridians).  While Meridian therapy uses needles and moxa to balance the meridians, Bob Cooley’s Meridian Flexibility System uses weight-training principles to develop the muscle meridians.  Therefore this program increases your health, strength, flexibility, and well-being.  Using the meridian system, Bob has developed a smart way to remain physically active as you age. 

Have you ever thought that organs not working optimally could add unwanted weight?  Even a scar that never fades could be diagnostic.  According to meridian therapy theory, these problems are most likely meridian related.  With a new method of resisting while stretching, you could fix these problems forever.

Adults frequently find that old injuries come back to hobble them.  Hit 40’s and 50’s and such problems can force you to give up the activities you love.  When a part of the body (a muscle group or a couple of meridians) is compromised, the whole body is held back.  In Japanese acupuncture, we talk about the fifty year old shoulder as a common condition.  But a knee, back, or sciatica can also be a source of complaint.

From my own experience, I found renewed vigor when the weak link was identified and addressed by strengthening and stretching in this unique way.  More interesting than my story are those of Olympic athletes.  The Meridian Flexibility System® is an American innovation used by Olympic athletes to achieve the gold.   “Without the flexibility training that Bob [Cooley] developed for me, I could have never accomplished the five Olympic medals I had won in Sydney…” – Dara Torres, Olympic gold medallist swimmer at age thirty-four.

I have always been interested in using movement and breathing to increase chi (the vital energy that circulates in meridians and throughout the body).  Judging from the number of hits on my web site, others are very interested too.  Meridian Flexibility goes much further than the other systems I have studied (Sotai and Meridian Stretching).  Imagine using both the regular meridians and the muscle meridians in a series of exercises that rehabilitate and balance, healing your body yourself.  By resisting in the opposite direction of a stretch while stretching, you get three times the benefit of a regular stretch.  Finally, with maximum effort, you can achieve maximum relaxation and be able to move in ways you haven’t for a long time. 

With the weak link fixed, the rest of your body can go forward to a new level.  And, you don’t have to be an Olympic athlete to do it.