COLORADO SERENITY - February 2005 (Who Gets Acupuncture)



Tracy Saraduke, RN, M.Ac. L.Ac.

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††††††††††† The ever-increasing concern of drug side effects reminds me why some people have come in for acupuncture, and it makes me think about who else gets acupuncture.

††††††††††† Acupuncture isnít only for the people who are worried about drug side effects (short term-long term/life threatening-annoying).Who else gets acupuncture?People who actually experienced undesirable side effects to their medications.People who are sensitive to drugs or herbs.People who donít want to take drugs.People who cannot take drugs (pregnant woman who need help with other symptoms).People who became addicted to their medications.There are those who found their medications stopped working, while some found their drugs never worked.Some people no longer want to take drugs to counter side effects of another drug.There are those who refused to have an invasive procedure, where theyíd be placed on medications the rest of their lives, knowing that these drugs would cause other problems.

††††††††††† Some people get acupuncture as their primary health maintenance, using western medicine if drastic intervention is needed.Who else? People who want to prepare for surgery or want to recover from surgery more quickly.People with wild and weird problems.People who are old.People who are very young.People who want overall health improvement instead of masking a symptom.People who think that exploratory surgery is NOT their next option.People come to acupuncture when they donít want two years of biweekly allergy shots.

††††††††††† Why else?People come because nothing else has worked.People come because they want to try acupuncture before trying anything else.People come because their symptoms cannot be explained in western terms.People come because the battery of tests show that nothing is wrong, but they just donít feel right.Some come because they just feel off balance.

††††††††††† People come because their doctor prescribed acupuncture.Doctors come. Nurses come.Physical therapists, nutritionists, psychotherapists, massage therapists, and dentists come.A few patients have reported that their doctor said he wouldnít do anything else for them until they finally followed his prescription for acupuncture.They were so reluctant yet so surprised and pleased after finally complying that they asked for their acupuncture prescriptions to be refilled.There are also people who have come in for acupuncture because their insurance paid for it.

††††††††††† There are animals. Veterinary acupuncture is evidence that acupuncture works even without the patient believing in it.In these cases, there is no possibility of a psychological factor or placebo being the cause of improvement in the animalís condition.

††††††††††† The World Health Organization (WHO) lists dozens of conditions that acupuncture treats, and Medical journals discuss conditions not mentioned by the WHO.So, acupuncture isnít just for pain relief.It is a whole-person medical system that has been used for thousands of years.It directs the patientís body to heal and naturally move toward health.The physical or psychological conditions that bring people to acupuncture are as varied as their general reasons for coming.