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Is Prozac Forever? - Tracy Saraduke


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One of the strengths of Western medicine is the development of strong, life-saving medicines like antibiotics, vaccines, and antidepressants.Antidepressants have helped many people survive difficult situations.But, is it necessary that everyone medicate forever?

I have a patient who was so excited with the recent changes in her life that she asked to have her antidepressant story told.She had been weaned off of Prozac over the course of one month, without asking for specific treatment to accomplish this.Here is her story.

ďI have been on Prozac on and off for five years.All my neighbors and half my coworkers are on it.I thought it would help with depression but it didnít.I just felt numb on Prozac.It was a camouflage for feelings.I was also told Prozac would help with PMS, but it didnít.

Getting off Prozac was one of my goals for acupuncture treatments, so I started tapering the dose while getting acupuncture.I didnít expect to have more emotions.This was quite a surprise that you should tell people could happen.But, once the feelings were out, I felt great.I have more energy and feel better overall.

If you really want to get better, you have to let the stuff [feelings] out. Prozac just kept it hidden, never getting better.I used to hold it in all week at work then go home and cry all weekend.This was one of the reasons I went on Prozac to start with, I couldnít even make it through the week without breaking down.With Prozac, it just got put off to the weekend.

It took weekly acupuncture for about a month for me to go off Prozac.With acupuncture, I was able to get out some difficult emotions that had been stuck. Acupuncture helped me with grief, working it through instead of holding it all in, sucking it in.It is faster and more effective than drugs and talk therapy.Iíd rather come in for acupuncture than be on a drug.I wonder if it isnít cost effective as well.The drugs are not cheap.Ē

I was treating this patientís overall health, encouraging healthy chi for normal life functions: rest, repair, and activity.Now, she absolutely glows.

††††† Everyoneís experience is different.If you have questions or concerns, as with all prescription drugs, consult your primary care physician.